Solution for primo app not working/Username not valid

 Get U.S.A No. For Whatsapp 

 that not working on Primo,Vovox and others
In this trick primo is not working😢
In this video the trick is genuine but primo overloaded by some traffic that comes from youtube as these videos gone viral and primo has stopped there free refral of email verification to get usa no. so this trick is not working now !
Today we discuss how to get a usa no. for whatsapp no. verification without primo & Vovox etc.

Step 1. Click one of any website
Step 2. Select any no. of your choice 

Step 3. Click on Number to open its timeline
Step 4. Copy the usa no.
Step 5. Paste it in whatsapp & Click next
Step 6. Open website again & Refresh 

Step 7.
If there is no code then 

●》 open whatsapp again and click call me

Step 8. Open Website again and there will be a voice msg play it and listen the code
Step 9. Enter it on whatsapp  
Step 10. If it shows enter 2-Step verification code then try another no. because this no. is already used by any person who activated a security feature of whatsapp named as 2-step verification

Thanks for reading 😍