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Hello friends my name is ayush verma who's currently Bachelor of science 2nd year so i'll have to study more and currently Living in Fzd 283203 [ UP].
Contact no. 8006417964

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Hey did you known that my whole chilhood is filled completely with Electronics & Gadgets even more.. Did you know i have used First internet on Nokia c1


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1.Motives behind it -


Simple as i mention in channel description technology Getting more & more Powerfull - Tricky - Beyond the limit and if you can't try to understand it then you can't use it properly So i'm gonna explain all this Technology ]Hub[ In this platform looking forward to maintain this Friendship as strong as possible with support of YOU & EVERY SUBSCRIBER.

2.Future planning -


If we completed 1 million mark i known its look Impossible but you're wrong Nothing is impossible just it take time and make you lazy but don't giveup you'll get results but may differ but you'll DEFINITELY GROW. and where i am yes i taking on future planning so after reaching 1million family mark we convert it into a Graphics company that provide free template easy to use.

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